Enroll Your Child in an International Pre-School

For better or worse, English is undoubtedly becoming the dominant international language. Many non-native English-speaking countries flourish at English education, however, this is not an advantage received by everyone. For parents in countries that have a below-average English education, it can be challenging for their children to learn the language proficiently after reaching a certain age. That’s why it is important to send children to an international pre-school.

International pre-schools provide the fundamentals of education using English as the primary language. At pre-school, students will gain the tools and skills they need to learn and grow once they hit elementary school and beyond, including soft social skills like communication and hard skills like basic math and counting concepts.


One of the main benefits of international pre-schools is that all the classes and instruction are taught in English. For many non-native English speakers, being in an English speaking environment all day helps the brain pick up some of the subtleties of the language subconsciously. Rather than actively teaching the language, students are taught in the language.


Studies have shown that it is much easier for young children to learn languages through listening than it is for older children. This fact should quell any fears or worries from parents that their child may miss out on valuable lessons or information if they don’t speak English. Instructors at international pre-schools are trained in providing education for students without the need to fully understand English. 


Additionally, expat parents who are looking for schools that teach in English can turn to international schools for a solution to their needs. Many expat parents worry that their options for schooling will be limited to local schools and that their kids may struggle without a firm grasp of the local language. These fears can be allayed in knowing that whichever major world city you are in, there is bound to be an international school teaching in the world’s international language.