male breast reduction

Male breast reduction in Thailand

What are the good reasons to have a male breast reduction in Thailand? Like every country, beauty standards exist there as well. A fit physique, being groomed and beautifully tanned skin have a lot of value to show off a trained body and smooth skin, being topless is a must. 

But many Thai men suffer from the so-called “man boobs” and it’s estimated that over 70% of all men worldwide develop these symptoms. Most are lucky and the problem resolves itself after years, but others have to live with the embarrassment and considerable disturbances of their self-confidence. Chronic back- and shoulder pains and constant tension and tenderness of the skin are also unpleasant symptoms.


male breast reduction


Gynecomastia or Pseudogynecomastia, as it’s medically known, is the one- or two-sided enlargement of the male breast. The tissue of boys and men swells, which can be caused by many factors like a hormonal imbalance. Without a doubt, increasing obesity plays a big role in Gynecomastia too, but some men have no control over this issue. If a Thai man wants to get in shape to reach certain beauty goals, he might also get into bodybuilding and visit the gym frequently. Unfortunately, many supplements can also cause enlarged breasts in the end.


Luckily Thailand offers a variety of professional and capable doctors and medical staff to perform a male breast reduction in Thailand. With an improved posture and new self-confidence, men are able to enjoy outdoor activities again and feel aesthetically pleasing. Only small and light scars stay and leave almost no memory of the operation. The surgery itself is a fast and easy procedure, mostly it takes between 1 to 2 hours. Bangkok is the best place to go for professional care and guidance.


While the costs of a male breast reduction in Thailand come very affordable, the standards stay high and the medical team in every clinic works professionally and is well trained. Strict regulations, modern equipment, all-around aftercare form a secure concept for every patient.


Over 130 different plastic surgeries can be done to achieve a completely new body and self-confidence and clinic doors are open for international patients as well and have become a frequently used service by tourists.