Make Use of Film Locations in Thailand

To get backgrounds or full film and video sets that replicate the streets and jungles of South-east Asia, your number one choice should be to use film locations in Thailand.



Image by David Condrey from Pixabay


Thailand has enjoyed a long, rich history with some of the foremost directors in Hollywood, Bollywood and many other film and video hubs around the world. Thailand film locations have appeared in some of the biggest blockbusters of the past forty years.

Local production companies have the experience and local knowledge, to pick the perfect location for your production that will save you money and provide everything you need to tell your story.


Private and Public Locations

If your production company is shooting in Thailand to save money on your production budget, there are many private sound stages and outdoor lots in the country that can provide everything from bustling city streets to lush jungles.

The Thailand production company knows that everything doesn’t need to be what it seems on film or video. They may suggest alternatives to what you have in mind for a film location in Thailand, that will save you money and allow you to expand your shooting schedule.

For instance, if you require the background of a park in Thailand, they may recommend a private golf course where crowd and traffic control would cost you much less than shooting in an actual public park. They also know the quietest streets in a given area that also would save you time and money less due to fewer delays.

Hiring a location in Thailand can make the difference between bringing your production in on-time and under-budget, or making your shoot a nightmare of traffic and crowd control and constant delays.

The next time you’re planning a film or video production in Thailand, explore all the options in private sets and locations.