Benefits of an Employee Incentive Points System

Consider an Employee Incentive Points System for Your Company

Many companies have different ways of measuring the performance of different employees in the various departments in the company. To reduce the confusion and the different systems of measurement when it comes to assigning incentive rewards, consider the benefits of implementing an employee incentive points system in your company. 



Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay


This system assigns a point value to all the measurement criteria your company uses to assess an employee’s work and contributions to a company productiveness. The key to this effective incentive strategy is in assigning a fair value to different jobs within a company. But once your employees accept the rationale for the assigned points value, the incentive points system has proven to the fairest method of rewarding employees for their hard work. 


Benefits of the Points System

The employee incentive points system can be used as the criteria in awarding incentives like pleasure trips, extra days off, or prizes. Your HR department will be free to assign a point value to whatever motivates your employees to improve their performance.

The main benefit of the points system is that it’s flexible and easily adaptable. All employees can easily understand it as it uses a common denominator and is easily updated. The employee can track their accrued points and use this accrual to motivate themselves. Or, the HR department can use it to privately track employees’ progress and make surprise award presentations to employees who have earned them. 


Fairness of the Points System

The HR department can track the points system overall employees to ensure that points are being awarded fairly. For example, if they notice that one department points accrual is much higher or lower than other departments, they can re-examine the criteria they’re using to award points in the department and make adjustments. 

The employee incentive points system is designed to create a fair and even playing field that rewards all employees equally.